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Minnesota Pork Congress - January 19 & 20

Be sure to visit the University of Minnesota's swine group booth at Minnesota Pork Congress January 19 & 20. Minnesota Pork Congress is an annual event sponsored by the Minnesota Pork Producers Association and held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. A number of seminars are held throughout the 2-day event.

  • Highlights of this year's sessions include:
  • Water Regulations Update: Waters of the United States and Buffer Strips
  • PRRS & PEDV Control Proposal - Open Forum
  • The Future of Antibiotic Use: Are you, your feed mill and veterinarian ready for January 1, 2017?
  • Trade Update
  • Manure Applicator Workshop
  • PEDV in feed: What's new?
  • Swine Health Information Center Update: Preparing for potential and emerging swine diseases
  • To infinity and Beyond: Handicapping the prospects of animal agriculture from now until you die
Additionally, visit with individuals from the University of Minnesota swine group about current research and other swine related happenings at the college. Contact the Minnesota Pork Producers Association for more information at (507) 345-8814 or
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