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PQA Plus Advisor Training to be held in October

PQA Plus Advisors are the educators who work directly with producers to educate them on the PQA Plus program and will help producers obtain PQA Plus certification and PQA Plus site status at their respective production sites.

Upcoming PQA Plus Advisor training date and location:

  • October 11th - 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., U of MN Regional Extension Office, 1527 Prairie Dr., Worthington, MN

This PQA Plus Advisor training session is for both new Advisors and recertifying Advisors. Individuals wishing to attend the training session must meet the qualifications to become a Certified PQA Plus Advisor. Qualifications include:

  1. Be a veterinarian, Extension Specialist, or Ag Educator (for the purposes of PQA Plus, the definition of an ag educator is a person who spends full time in adult education or at least 50% time in production training)
  2. Have a D.V.M. or B.S. in Animal Science (or equivalent)
  3. Have two years of recent documentable swine production experience
The cost to attend is $50. Individuals wishing to attend must complete an application and pre-register by contacting Colleen Carey, MN Pork Board at 1-800-537-7675 or at to register and obtain an application. Registration deadline is October 4th.

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