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MN Pork Congress - January 17 & 18

Be sure to visit the University of Minnesota's swine group booth at MN Pork Congress January 17 & 18. MN Pork Congress is an annual event sponsored by the Minnesota Pork Producers Association and held at the Minneapolis Convention Center. A number of seminars are held throughout the 2-day event.

One of the sessions presented by U of M specialists will feature current research that is being done at the University.

On Wednesday, January 18 UMN Swine Professor and Extension Specialist, Lee Johnston will be presenting along with Mike Reese, UMN Renewable Energy Director on research they have been doing on Electric and Thermal Energy Strategies for MN Swine Farms. During their session Johnston and Reese will talk about how much electricity and heating fuel is used and for what functions in various phases of production from data they have collected on commercial farms. They will also discuss practical use of renewable energy, conservation practices and possible financing options for increased use of renewable energy on swine farms.

Additionally, while at MN Pork Congress, visit with individuals from the University of Minnesota swine group about current research and other swine related happenings at the college. Contact the MN Pork Producers Association for more information about attending MN Pork Congress at (507) 345-8814 or

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