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Time to Register for 2017 PorkBridge & SowBridge Programs

Don't have a lot of time to attend a seminar or conference, but are still interested in staying current with new research and management techniques in the pork industry. PorkBridge and SowBridge programs allow managers and employees to increase their knowledge and skills without needing to leave the comfort of their home or farm office. Both programs are distant education programs combining a presentation viewed on a computer with live presentations delivered by teleconference from topic experts at a scheduled time or via a recording if unable to participate during the scheduled time.

The difference in the two programs is the audience they are aimed at.

PorkBridge is aimed at those who own, manage or work in swine grow-finish facilities. Six sessions are offered on the first Thursday of every other month throughout the year. All sessions start at noon Central Time and last a maximum of 60 minutes, which includes time for questions. Cost is $125 for the series, covering supporting materials and one phone line per session.

SowBridge is for people involved in managing or caring for sows, and/or their litters, and boars, including operation owners, employees, technicians, managers, and technical service providers. Twelve monthly sessions take place throughout the year. All sessions start at 11:30 a.m. Central Time and last no longer than 60 minutes, which includes time for questions. Cost is $250 for the first registration from an entity and $125 for each subsequent registration from the same entity. Cost includes supporting materials and phone line access.

A list of program topics for both PorkBridge & SowBridge can be found on the UMN Swine Extension website along with registration brochures. Registration for both programs is encouraged by January 16, 2017 to ensure materials are received for the first session.
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