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NEW Management Guides for Sow Gestation Management

Recently the National Pork Board released a series of 6 sow housing management guides. University of Minnesota Swine faculty, Lee Johnston and Yuzhi Li were two of the several authors who wrote the guides. On a recent SowBridge session Johnston said, "The guides were developed to help producers manage the gestation housing system they have chosen to use in their respective production systems." The guides can be used as a training tool to educate caretakers on basic animal care skills related to each of the different housing systems. Each guide also includes a management guide, daily observation checklist and troubleshooting scenarios for the respective housing systems.

The 6 Sow Housing Management guides available are:
  • Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF)
  • Free-Access Stalls
  • Feeding Stalls
  • Floor Feeding
  • Trickle Feeding
  • Gestation Stalls
All guides are available in both English and Spanish from the Pork Store or can be downloaded from
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