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Monday, June 4, 2018

Secure Pork Supply Plan - Step #4

Step #4: Enhanced Biosecurity Part 1—Introducing the Biosecurity Plan Template

The Secure Pork Supply Plan requires a written enhanced biosecurity plan for each site. Remember that it is the producer’s responsibility to protect his or her herd by keeping the disease off the farm. It is the regulatory official’s responsibility to protect the U.S. herd by keeping the disease from spreading.

Identify a biosecurity manager for each site or premises who understands infectious diseases and is familiar with the facility. The biosecurity manager is responsible for writing the site-specific biosecurity plan, implementing employee training and ensuring compliance. 

Open and review the following biosecurity resources in the "Biosecurity" tab on the left.

  1. Biosecurity Self-Assessment Checklist (print this document)
  2. Information Manual for Enhanced Biosecurity: Swine Raised Indoors (use this for reference)
  3. Customizable Template Biosecurity Plan Template
Pre-fill the customizable Biosecurity Plan Template.

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