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Feeding Camelina Meal to Pigs

By Lee Johnston, Yuzhi Li, Adrienne Hilbrands, Ryan Cox, William Lazarus, Wayne Martin, Frank Forcello & Russ Gesch

The use of camelina meal in grow-finish diets was evaluated at the UMN West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC). It appears camelina meal can be a useful replacement for soybean meal in diets for grow-finish pigs when used at low levels (10% or less).

Read the full article, Feeding Camelina Meal to Pigs.
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A quick guide to Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae diagnostics

Microbiome studies in swine systems: Challenges and opportunities (Part 2)Reprinted as posted on Swine in Minnesota blog. Materials by Dr. Maria Pieters, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Maria Pieters, head of the MycoLab has created an online quick guide to help swine practitioners decide which sample type they should collect if they are looking for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. View the online quick guide.

The guide classifies the sample types on their sensitivity and if collected antemortem or postmortem:
Oropharyngeal swabsTonsillar swabsNasal swabsLaryngeal swabsDeep Tracheal swabsBronchial LavageLung Tissue Each sample type is linked to a page listing advantages and disadvantages of the technique along with a "How to Sample" video.

Educate yourself on foreign animal diseases

UMN Swine Extension has been working with Dave Wright, Secure Pork Supply coordinator with MN Board of Animal Health on spreading the word about Secure Pork Supply (SPS) Plan. The latest is four short videos to assist producers and veterinarians in identifying and preparing for a possible Foreign Animal Disease. The videos are intended to supplement materials found on the Secure Pork Supply website and focus on:Secure Pork Supply (SPS) Intro video (7:13 minutes)SPS - Foot and Mouth Disease video (5:21 minutes)SPS - Classical Swine Fever video (5:58 minutes)SPS - African Swine Fever video (12:19 minutes) The videos can be viewed on the UMN Swine Extension YouTube Channel. They are also embedded in Step 7 of the "Seven Steps to Participate in Secure Pork Supply" found on the UMN Swine Extension blog. If you missed the SPS workshops that were held this fall/winter, be sure to check out the Secure Pork Supply blog post.

2019 Midwest Farm Energy Conference

The 2019 Midwest Farm Energy Conference is scheduled for July 10-11, 2019 at the West Central Research & Outreach Center, Morris, MN.

Conference will include:
Optimized systems for dairy production, including solar shading for grazing cattleEnergy conservation and generation in swine facilities, featuring sow cooling and piglet heating systemsOpportunity to network with energy experts and professionals

Dr. Peter Davies receives the Howard Dunne Memorial Award

Dr. Peter Davies, UMN College of Veterinary Medicine faculty received the 2019 Howard Dunne Memorial Award at the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) conference in March. The Howard Dunne Memorial Award is one the most prestigious recognition given to an AASV member for their important contributions and outstanding service to the association and the swine industry.

Read more about Dr. Peter Davies and his contributions.