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Research Spotlight - Parasite Infection in Organic Pigs

By Yuzhi Li, UMN Associate Professor, Swine Behavior and Welfare  Managing intestinal parasites in organic pigs continues to be a challenge for organic producers since there is a lack of organically approved options for controlling parasites. The WCROC swine research team recently investigated three species of parasites in pigs in an effort to develop treatment suggestions for organic producers. Read more
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Swine Extension Needs Assessment

We wish for your response to the UMN Extension Swine Needs Assessment found at . The UMN Extension Swine Team invites you to participate in their Needs Assessment survey. The results will help the UMN Extension Swine Team better determine the educational needs of the pork industry in Minnesota. All MN pork producers (regardless of size or type of farm), owners, caretakers, contract growers and ag professionals are encouraged to participate. The survey is anonymous and can be quickly and easily completed online. Following the survey, participants have the option to participate in a drawing for swine-related prizes as a reward for completing the Needs Assessment. Participants will also have the opportunity to sign up to receive the UMN Extension Swine e-newsletter. The UMN Extension Swine Needs Assessment can be found at .

Midwest Farm Energy Conference

The 2022 Midwest Farm Energy Conference is scheduled for June 15 - 16 at the West Central Research & Outreach Center , Morris, MN. The conference will include: Reducing carbon intensity of production agriculture Green hydrogen and ammonia Agrivoltaics for grazing cattle Robotic weed control Other conference activities include: “Ride and Drive” various electric vehicles and equipment Panel on the future role of green hydrogen in agriculture Opportunity to network with energy experts and professionals Check out the conference agenda for further details. To attend the full conference is $80, single day is $50. Read for further details and to register .

Swine & U: Manure application in warm weather

By Diane DeWitte, UMN Extension swine educator Originally printed in The LAND as April 29/May 6, 2022 Swine & U column . Spring’s here and for some swine producers, moving manure is an important step as the crop gets planted. UMN Extension Nutrient Management Specialist Melissa Wilson provides good information for farmers who need to make both nutrient management decisions and who may need to get manure out of the way. When is the best time to apply manure? That depends on the logistics of each farm, weather, and soil conditions. It is also influenced by what risks you are willing to take. Those risks include: losing nutrients if the manure is applied too early running out of storage for the manure reducing time for nutrients to release if the manure is applied too late having a wet and/or cold spring which could delay manure application and then planting. As producers consider planting season activities, they’re encouraged to take a look at potential Spring or Summer applicatio

Swine & U: Livestock transportation safety requires caution at all times

By Diane DeWitte, UMN Extension swine educator Originally printed in The LAND as April 1/April 8, 2022 Swine & U column . March is the month in which the American Farm Bureau Federation recognizes National Ag Safety Awareness Program (ASAP) week. ASAP week was created to bring awareness to safety and health issues facing the agriculture industry. The U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers have joined American Farm Bureau Federation to keep farm workers safe and healthy by recognizing common farm hazards with the theme “Prepare. Prevent. Protect.” Part of the 2022 ASAP recognition is a focus on safety around livestock, including livestock handling and transportation. Stressed livestock are more likely to injure themselves, their handlers and are more difficult to work with. Providing stockmanship training for workers handling livestock is key to preventing injuries. Stockmanship is a practice which promotes positive animal handling and is important for both animal and caret