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Docking the tail or not: Effect on welfare and performance of growing-finishing pigs

By:  Yuzhi Li, UMN Associate Professor of Swine Behavior and Welfare

Tail biting is a common problem in grow-finish pigs. Outbreaks of tail biting can cause major welfare complications of pigs with damaged tails. Because tail docking can cause pain in pigs, performing tail docking on a routine basis is under scrutiny due to animal welfare concerns.

Recently Yuzhi Li, Associate Professor of Swine Behavior and Welfare re-evaluated the consequences of raising pigs without tail docking in a study conducted at the West Central Research and Outreach Center near Morris, MN. Read more.

Solar Panels Power WCROC Swine Barn

By:  Lee Johnston, UMN Professor of Swine Nutrition and Management

Researchers at the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) have been involved in a multi-faceted project called the "Greening of Agriculture." The overarching goal of this project is to reduce the reliance of modern production agriculture on fossil fuels. One way to reduce this reliance is to shift energy demand from non-renewable fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Major food companies are asking agriculture producers to move in this direction. Read more.

Confirmed detection of a new porcine circovirus: introducing PCV3

Reprinted as posted on UMN Swine Disease Eradication Center's Swine in Minnesota blog

Recently the Virology journal published a short report confirming the detection of a new porcine circovirus named PCV3. The virus was identified by a team of diagnosticians and researchers from the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the U of MN in collaboration with the Blood Systems Research Institute and Department of Laboratory Medicine in San Fransisco.

Check out the full journal article here.