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Bob Morrison Legacy Fund

Help us extend Bob Morrison's legacy of service to the global swine industry! We are the team that Bob built-headquartered here at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine but reaching around the world.

Working with his colleagues and the people Bob mentored, we have identified five initiatives to strengthen his legacy:
  1. Creating new opportunities for the finest veterinary students to study and work with the world's leading swine-related practices and companies.
  2. Funding to develop future industry leaders through graduate education in swine health, production and economics.
  3. Creating opportunities to pair practicing swine veterinarians with the college's faculty to collaboratively identify problems, create solutions and build practitioner capacity in swine production and economics.
  4. Providing in-depth technical support to the swine industry in areas such as statistics, research trial design, data management and economic analysis.
  5. Strengthening global connections to develop solutions to emerging needs of the swine industry.
  6. These initiatives will help the swine industry achieve the next level of success in a highly competitive world. We need your help to make these initiatives a reality.
The University of Minnesota is the right place to nurture and strengthen Bob's legacy because food animal medicine programs are enjoying a renaissance in our state as a result of $51 million in new investments over the past five years. These investments are in addition to the great team that Bob helped assemble.

In short, we have the initiatives, the facilities and the people to ensure that Bob's philosophy of "teach, learn and have fun" will continue. Your contributions are needed to extend our reach. A gift of any amount will make the swine industry healthier, more efficient and more profitable.

Please consider making a gift today to the Morrison Legacy Fund. You will be joining leaders in the swine industry who have already committed to extending Bob's legacy.

Montse Torremorell, DVM, PhD

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