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2018 Updates to Common Swine Industry Audit

Every year the Industry Audit Task Force reviews feedback from producers, packers, auditors and customers regarding the Common Swine Industry Audit to help clarify and revise portions of the audit.
There are no new questions or required records. The majority of the changes for 2018 are clarifications to the standard.

Details of the 2018 updates are as follows:

Animal Observations
  • Excessive prod use was added as a willful act of abuse for consistency with the transport/load-out section
  • Boar harnesses were added to the animal handling section
  • Clarification on what to evaluate was added to the deep wounds and scratches benchmarking sections
  • Instructions for auditing thermal comfort/air temperatures and air quality were added
  • Secondary methods of euthanasia were changed to backup method
  • A 12-month retention requirement was added to the maintenance log for euthanasia equipment
  • An equivalence was granted to the Canadian Quality Assurance/Animal Care Assessment program, allowing Canadian sites to use in place of PQA Plus Site Assessment
  • Standard for broken needles was modified to clearly indicate which sections are required in an SOP
  • Biosecurity standard was modified to better describe required elements of biosecurity SOP and rodent control plan
  • Two SOP questions were combined into one; rodent control plan is now required part of biosecurity SOP
  • Youth PQA certification or Youth for the Quality Care of Animals are acceptable certifications for caretakers 14 years of age or younger
  • An equivalence was granted to Canadian Quality Assurance for Canadian caretakers
  • Modification was made to the elements of the euthanasia plan that caretakers must articulate

If you attended a Common Swine Industry Audit workshop and want to update the materials in your binder and on your flash drive, you can download them HERE. Updated resources can also be found on National Pork Board's website
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