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Secure Pork Supply Plan - Step #2

Step #2: Validate your premises; obtain a PIN; print a map

Validate your premises:

  1. Open Google maps or Bing maps
  2. Enter address of site; if it is a new site, obtain a 911 address from county sheriff.  Obtain a new 911 address if the location of the pigs does not have an address. For example, if the home location has one address and the pigs are located at a nearby site, the pig location should have a unique, separate 911 address that should be used for the PIN.
  3. Click on “Satellite Image”
  4. If the site location is correct, continue; If not, find the site on the map
  5. Put cursor on site at driveway; Rt. Click on “What’s here?”
  6. Record latitude and longitude
  7. If you find discrepancies between the GPS location and address, call the MN BAH at 651-201-6816 to notify of changes to be updated in the state and national database.

Create & Print an Aerial Premises Map:

  1. Identify your site on your internet map at
  2. Click on box that says “Satellite”
  3. Zoom to view entire site
  4. Open a Word document; Click “insert,” “screenshot,” then “screen clipping”; select area to copy with mouse (+ on frosted area)
  5. Save and Print the Word document with the map to be used in your Biosecurity Plan

Obtain National Premises Identification Number (PIN) if you do not have one

  1. National Premises ID is available by contacting the MN BAH at 651-296-2942 or

Obtain & Print Prem ID Barcodes

  1. Go to
  2. Follow instructions to verify the address and generate a PDF barcode file:
    1. Enter your Premises ID (PIN) and have the system perform the validation
    2. Verify that the address returned is correct.
    3. Select the style of label to use and generate a PDF Barcode file.  Barcodes are recognized by all veterinary diagnostic labs and can be used on all paper documents requiring a PIN.
  3. A batch upload option for verifying and printing large numbers of PIN barcodes is located here:

Additional information is available at the Secure Pork Supply website:
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