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Secure Pork Supply Plan - Step #3

Step #3: Locate and compile records: Logbooks, CVIs and SOPs

State Animal Health Officials (SAHOs) must be able to easily conduct a trace-back investigation in the event of a Foreign Animal Disease outbreak. These documents will be used in future steps as you draft your Enhanced Biosecurity Plan.

A PIN will be required for all premises of origin and destination for farm animal movement

  1. List all commonly used premises of origin and destination for farm animal movement including downstream sites
  2. Obtain Premises Identification Numbers for each source (origin) and destination location
  3. Transport records should include date, vehicle, driver, source PIN and destination PIN
  4. A “traceability and movement log” spreadsheet is available for standardized formatting

Locate the following documents so SAHOs can review them on short notice:

  1. All movement logbooks:
    1. People entry log
    2. Vehicle and equipment entry log
    3. Animal movement log
  2. Record of checking bait stations
  3. Training documentation log
  4. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  5. Employee and visitor arrival agreement
  6. Delivery protocols for feed, equipment and semen
  7. Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs) and Health Production Plan movements

Identify all breeding stock and animal groups prior to movement

  1. All breeding animals must be identified with an official PIN tag associated with the premises of the animal immediately prior to harvest
  2. Purchase tags from an approved tag supplier 

Additional information is available at the Secure Pork Supply website:
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