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Secure Pork Supply Plan - Step #5

Step #5: Enhanced Biosecurity Part 2—Create and Label a Premises Map

A Premises Map is an important part of an enhanced biosecurity plan. It is a visual representation of the functional barriers in place to prevent the introduction of a Foreign Animal Disease.

Detailed instructions for preparing a Premises Map can be found at by clicking on the Pork Producers/Biosecurity tabs; then clicking on the “Premises Map instructions” link. The direct link can be found here:

You may have already created a Word document with an aerial Premises Map in Step #2. In Step #5 we will label the map. Open the Word document with the map or generate an aerial image of the site at this time. If you intend to label the map by hand, print the Word document; if you intend to label the map using a computer, follow the instructions for Inserting Shapes found on the Word control panel. The Premises Map Legend on the next page can also be used to copy and paste lines and shapes onto your map in a Word document. You might prepare a rough draft by hand and then create the final draft using the computer.

Refer to the Biosecurity Self-Assessment Checklist and Information Manual For Enhanced Biosecurity (#3 Protecting the Pig Herd) as you identify and label the following items on your map:
  1. Site Entry—include a barrier and a sign. Suggestions for biosecurity signs can be found at by clicking on the “Signs and Posters” tab. Other options can be found by Googling “biosecurity signs on farms”.
  2. Line of Separation (LOS)—usually the walls of the building
  3. LOS Access Point(s)—entry points for equipment and people; signage and protocol for entry should be in place
  4. Designated parking area for staff and visitors—locate outside the PBA
  5. Cleaning and disinfection (C&D) station(s)—either a nearby truck wash or an on-site station; if a C&D station is not in place, make plans to include one in the event of a FAD event
  6. Vehicle movements—identify and draw delivery routes for animals, semen and parcels; identify propane tanks and delivery routes
  7. Feed Delivery—locate feed bins and draw feed truck delivery routes
  8. Carcass Disposal—label dead removal access points and carcass removal pathways
  9. Perimeter Buffer Area (PBA)—label the outer control boundary of a site, often identified by roads and driveways
  10. PBA Access Point(s)—include signs and barriers
  11. Label barn names

The Premises Map Legend below is a picture of a legend created in a Word document that can be used to copy and paste lines and shapes onto your map in a Word document.  

Click HERE to access the Word document of the legend


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