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Secure Pork Supply Plan - Step #6

Step #6: Enhanced Biosecurity Part 3—Biosecurity Protocols

Written biosecurity protocols are necessary to ensure accurate communication with all employees, visitors and delivery personnel. You may have collected SOPs, logbooks and other biosecurity protocols in Step #3. If not, suggestions are available in the Enhanced Biosecurity Plan Template and Information Manual for Enhanced Biosecurity, which can be found at Click on the Pork Producers/Biosecurity tabs to find the needed information.

Open and complete your Biosecurity Plan Template

Include the following written biosecurity protocols or select options provided in the template:
  1. Employee and Visitor Arrival Agreement (Sample found in Appendix B of Information Manual)
  2. Vehicle and Equipment Entry Protocol (#4 Vehicles and Equipment)
  3. Animal Transport Vehicle Protocol (#4 Vehicles and Equipment)
  4. Personnel Entry/Exit Procedure (#5 Personnel)
  5. Incoming Animal and Semen Protocol (#6 Animal and Semen Movement)
  6. Animal Loading Protocol (#6 Animal and Semen Movement)
  7. Carcass Disposal Protocol (#7 Carcass Disposal)
  8. Manure Management Protocol (#8 Manure Management)
  9. Rodent and Fly Control Plan (#9 Rodent, Fly, Wildlife, and Other Animal Control)
  10. Feed Delivery Protocol (#10 Feed)
Maintain current logbooks of the following activities:
  1. Training documentation
  2. People entry
  3. Vehicle and equipment entry
  4. Animal movement
  5. Record of checking bait stations
  6. C&D station supply log
  7. Daily observation log
  8. Emergency Action Plan

Train your staff!

Now that your enhanced biosecurity plan is in place make sure that all employees are familiar with the plan and willing to comply. Schedule and document biosecurity training sessions for all employees (#2 Training).

Free biosecurity signs and posters are available from “The Pork Store” Request a free “Swine Disease Push Kit” #04892 for each site.

Suggestions for biosecurity signs can be found at by clicking on the “Signs and Posters” tab. Other options can be found by Googling “biosecurity signs on farms”.

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