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UMN Extension has a New Website!

If you have visited the University of Minnesota Extension's website lately, you have noticed a huge change. If you have tried getting to the UMN Swine Extension website via, you have noticed Page not Foundmessage. This is because the UMN Extension did a major overhaul of their website. Why you ask? To be "up with the times" and be a more user friendly experience that is accessible to most visitors.

If you are looking for swine specific content; from the main UMN Extension page (, swine content is housed within "Animals & Livestock" under the "Learn About" dropdown. The following should direct you to swine specific content. UMN Swine Extension also has a blog where many articles, not static on the website, are posted

Some articles on the former website were archived, while popular articles were reformatted for the new website. Please be patient as some content may be absent while it is still going through re-formatting for the new website. Please let UMN Swine Extension Educators, Diane DeWitte or Sarah Schieckknow if there is specific content you are looking for, but can't find on the new website.
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