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Trade Aid Package: Market Facilitation Program Details

The United States Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices are now taking applications for the Market Facilitation Programs (MFP).

Producers may apply for payment anytime between now and January 15, 2019.

Program details and eligibility requirements may be found at

Pork producers can apply several different ways:
  • In person at your local USDA service center
  • By mail (must be postmarked by January 15, 2019)
  • Electronically: faxed, scanned or emailed; farm must have a Level 2 USDA e-authentication account.
The payment by commodity during this period will equal:
Market Facilitation Program Rate x 50% of total 2018 Actual Production = Payment

The Market Facilitation Program rates for the current payment period by commodity:
  • Hogs $8.00/hd
  • Soybeans $1.65/bu
  • Sorghum $0.86/bu
  • Wheat $0.14/bu
  • Dairy $0.12/cwt
  • Corn $0.01/bu
It is important to know that all pigs you had ownership of on August 1, 2018 are eligible. This includes, not only finishing and nursery pigs, but also sows and pigs nursing on the sow at that time.

If you are part of a group of farmers that own a sow farm together, the sow farm may apply, but keep in mind that your "share" of the sow farm payment will apply to your limit of $125,000 in compensation.

FSA is encouraging pig farmers to apply for the MFP program prior to this fall's crop harvest to assist in spreading out their work load.

If you raise crops that will also qualify for the MFP, you will need to wait for the crop payment until after the harvest of the 2018 crop. However, you do not have to wait for the pig payment. They are two separate payments with their own caps of $125,000.

If you have questions, contact your local FSA office.

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