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Episode 10: All About African Swine Fever

Sarah Schieck, UMN Swine Extension Educator talks to University of Minnesota Veterinary Medicine Ph.D. Student, Gustavo Lopez about his first-hand experience with African Swine Fever while working in Russia for 6 years.

Listen to the podcast:

Learn more through resources referenced in the podcast as well as other resources

  • National Pork Board -
  • Secure Pork Supply -  There you can find information on how to create your farm's specific secure pork supply plan that in the event we experience a Foreign Animal Disease in the U.S and you are a negative site in a control area, having a Secure Pork Supply plan will increase your chance of obtaining a movement permit.
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - and search for African Swine Fever if you don't see a link on the home page.
  • UMN Swine Extension blog - where you will find the Secure Pork Supply Plan broken down into seven steps.  Step seven includes four videos that are intended to supplement materials found on the Secure Pork Supply website.  Check out the SPS - African Swine Fever video to learn the signs of African Swine Fever.

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