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May is mental health month

Join the U.S Ag Safety and Health Center's effort to promote resources for farmers and rural communities.

Accessing mental health resources and support is challenging for American farmers and their families who increasingly face financial hardship, weather changes, chronic pain, suicidal thoughts and other unrelenting difficulties. This year, the 11 U.S. Agricultural Safety and Health Centers are teaming up to promote resources for farmers during a five-week Mental Health Awareness campaign that focuses on a different topic each week.

Find resources on mental health awareness by the Upper Midwest Agriculture Safety and Health (UMASH).

The campaign begins April 29, 2019 and runs through May 26. Topics include:
  • Week 1: Science of Stress and Suicide Risk
  • Week 2: Referral Resources
  • Week 3: Prevention of Substance Abuse
  • Week 4: Cultivating Resiliency
  • Week 5: Break the Stigma

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