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Research Survey - Effects of water quality on nursery pig performance and health

Research survey

Project title: Effects of water quality on nursery pig performance and health 
Project sponsors: the University of Minnesota and Minnesota Pork Board

Researchers at the University of Minnesota in collaboration with the Minnesota Pork Board would like to learn more about how the quality of water supplied to nursery pigs might affect their health and performance. In the initial stage of this project, we hope to learn the range of water quality being offered to pigs in Minnesota. As a pork producer, you can help us with this project. We are asking you to complete the short survey below as soon as possible, or before June 21, 2019. Responses and responder identity will be held confidential to the research group. Any release of information to the public will be done in aggregate form with no identification of individual farms. With this information, we will determine the range of water quality being fed to pigs and identify water sources that would be helpful in future studies. We are interested in learning about good quality water and poor quality water. Our ultimate goal is to determine the effects of water quality on health and performance of nursery pigs and to explore effective treatment options for water in swine nurseries.

How to Participate

We would greatly appreciate your time and efforts in assisting us to accomplish this project through your responses to questions in the linked survey. Please complete one survey for each nursery barn that has a different water supply by using:
to submit this survey for multiple barns please use:

Primary contacts:

Dr. Lee Johnston
Professor – University of Minnesota, West Central Research and Outreach Center, email:, Office phone: (320) 589-1711 Ext. 2117

Brigit Lozinski
Graduate Research Assistant - Swine Nutrition, email:, Cell: (507) 828-9955

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