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Time for PQA+ Advisors to re-certify

June 5, 2019 the revised PQA+ version 4 was released. All PQA+ Advisor certifications for PQA+ version 3.0 will expire August 31, 2019, regardless of when an Advisor trained on PQA+ version 3.0. Therefore all current PQA+ Advisors must be re-certified. Minnesota Swine Extension, in collaboration with Minnesota Pork, will offer PQA+ Advisor re-certification sessions throughout Minnesota. If you are a current PQA+ Advisor, make sure you look at the schedule and register to attend an Advisor re-certification session before August 31, 2019.

PQA+ Advisor - Re-certification Sessions­
**Note - these sessions are only for current PQA+ Advisors who need to re-certify in version 4 and NOT for people wanting to become PQA+ Advisors for the first time.**
  • July 10th Fairmont, MN - Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, 1275 Highway 15 South
  • July 18th Pipestone, MN - Pipestone Veterinary Services Annex - 1801 Foreman Dr
PQA+ Advisor re-certification is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at all locations with lunch provided.

Individuals wishing to attend must pre-register either Online(click here) or by contacting Colleen Carey with MN Pork Board at 1-800-537-7675 or
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