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Need to know about official ID

Reprinted as announced in Minnesota Board of Animal Health's Animal Bytes January 2020 newsletter and website.

Before you prepare to order tags, remember, you need a state or federal premises ID number. You can register your premises online through the MN Board of Animal Health.

Producers can order metal silver NUES tags from Ketchum Manufacturing (minimum order 100 tags) by calling 800-222-0460 or National Band and Tag Company (minimum order 100 tags for producers) by calling 859-261-2035. Silver metal NUES tags may also be available from your veterinarian. In compliance with federal law, metal NUES tags must display the U.S shield if applied to an animal March 11, 2015 or after.

Veterinarians can call the same companies to order tags, and need to make a minimum purchase of 1,000 tags when ordering silver metal NUES tags from National Band and Tag. The Ketchum minimum order for veterinarians is 100 tags.

Premises ID Number (PIN) tags identify a sow or boar to the premises they were kept immediately prior to entering slaughter channels. If the tag includes a unique within-herd management number (imprinted by the manufacturer), the tag would also qualify as an official ear tag for interstate movement.
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