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Beware of animal activist

Animal activism is on the rise in rural communities, with pig farms being the activists' current focus, mostly due to supply chain disruptions and main stream media coverage. One animal activist group that has been known to tresspass and break into livestock farms, including pig farms, is Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). Just this May it was reported DxE broke into Iowa Select Farms and taunted, harassed and videotaped their team members.

Be sure to secure entrances into your barns to deter animal activists from entering. The National Pork Board has developed Farm S.M.A.R.T Tips to promote security diligence. One of the tips is to post clear signage around your property. The MN Pork Board has “No Entrance” signs available for anyone who would like them.

The tips also encourage reporting any suspicious activity to local law enforcement. In addition, be sure to also contact your local FBI field office.
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