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Recently Published

Congratulations to the following swine faculty and educators from the Swine Extension Team who have had their work published recently.

Davies, P. & Singer, R. S. (2020). Antimicrobial use in wean to market pigs in the United States assessed via voluntary sharing of proprietary data. Zoonoses and Public Health, 67(S1): 6-21. Doi: 10.1111/zph.12760.

Nirmala, J., Alves, G., Vilalta, C., Yang, M., Rendahl, A., Olson, B. & Torremorell, M. (2021). Evaluation of viral RNA extraction methods to detect porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and influenza A viruses from used commercial HVAC air filters from swine farms. Journal of Aerosol Science, 151: 105624. Doi: 10.1016/j.jaerosci.2020.105624.

Wu. J. M., Zhao, Y., Wang, X., Kong, L.C., Johnston, L. J., Lu, L., & Ma, X. (2020). Dietary nutrients shape gut microbes and intestinal mucosa via epigenetic modifications. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. Doi: 10.1080/10408398.2020.1828813.

Zhang, J., Zhu, S. W., Ma, N., Johnston, L. J., Wu, C. D., & Ma, X. (2020). Metabolites of microbiota response to tryptophan and intestinal mucosal immunity: A therapeutic target to control intestinal inflammation. Medicinal Research Reviews. Doi: 10.1002/med.21752.
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