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Recently published

Congratulations to the following swine faculty and educators from the Swine Extension Team who have had their work published recently.

Hilbrands, A. M., Johnston, L. J., Cox, R. B., Forcella, F., Gesch, R. & Li Y. Z. (2021). Effects of increasing dietary inclusion of camelina cake on growth performance of growing-finishing pigs. Translational Animal Science, 5(3), txab140.

Schambow. R. A., Sampedro, F., Urriola, P. E., van de Ligt, J. L. G., Perez, A., & Shurson, G. C. (2021). Rethinking the uncertainty of African swine fever virus contamination in feed ingredients and risk of introduction into the United States. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases,

Senay, S. D., Shurson, G. C. Cardona, C. Silverstein, K. A. T. (2021). Big data, data privacy, and plant and animal disease research using GEMS. Agronomy Journal,

Sun, X., Chen, Y., Luo, L. N., Heidari, F., Tiffany D. G. Urriola, P. E., Shurson, G. C., & Hu. B. (2021). Feeding value improvement by co-fermentation of corn-ethanol co-product and agro-industrial residues with Rhizopus oryzae. Process Biochemistry, 111, 144-153 part 2.

Sun, X., Devi, N. D., Urriola, P. E., Tiffany, D. G., Jang, J. C, Shurson, G. C., & Hu, B. (2021). Feeding value improvement of corn-ethanol co-product and soybean hull by fungal fermentation: Fiber degradation and digestibility improvement. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 130, 143-153.

Sun, X., Tiffany, D. G., Urriola, P. E., Shurson, G. C. & Hu, B. (2021). Nutrition upgrading of corn-ethanol co-product by fungal fermentation: Amino acids enrichment and anti-nutritional factors degradation. Food and Bioproducts Processing, 130, 1-13.

Tan, P., Liu, H., Zhao, J., Gu, X. L., Wei, X. B., Zhang, X., J., Ma, N., Johnston, L. J., Bai, Y. Y., Zhang, W. J., Nie, C. X., & Ma, X. (2021). Amino acids metabolism by rumen microorganisms: Nutrition and ecology strategies to reduce nitrogen emissions from the inside to the outside. Science of the Total Environment, 800, 149596.

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