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Biosecurity Survey

The Center for Animal Health and Food Safety at the University of Minnesota is conducting a survey about biosecurity on swine farms. Through understanding what biosecurity protocols are in use, and the beliefs around biosecurity, insights into the strengths and gaps in the swine industry can be made. With the spread of African Swine Fever globally, we believe this information is particularly relevant.
To gather this information, we need the help of producers like you to tell us what you are currently doing and experiencing on your farm. Please consider taking the survey at the link below to aid in this research. We estimate that this survey will take you 10 - 20 minutes to complete. It is also recommended that you take this survey from a desktop/laptop computer - however you can take it on your phone (but it will likely be easier on a computer).

Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 8 $75 gift cards.

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution of both time and information to improving the biosecurity and health of the swine industry.

Link to Survey

Center for Animal Health and Food Safety
University of Minnesota - College of Veterinary Medicine

If unable to access the survey using the link above please copy this link into your browser:

Center for Animal Health Food Safety wordmark

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