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Research Spotlight - Environmental contamination assessment in farms undergoing an oubreak with PRRS 1-4-4 Lineage 1C

Reprinted as posted on Swine in Minnesota blog. Adopted from January 28, 2022 Bob Morrison's Swine Health Monitoring Project Friday rubric.

The Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project took a look at whether PRRSv cases associated with the linage 1C, RFLP 1-4-4 variant can be detected in the outside areas of farms undergoing an outbreak.

Key Points
  • There is little understanding of contributing factors aiding the 1-4-4 L1C PRRSv rapid transmission and biosecurity breaches.
  • Environmental detection in recently infected farms was possible although detection was low.
  • Most positive samples originated from exhausting fans, showing the virus may exit a positive barn via that route.
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