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Swine Extension Needs Assessment

Extension Educators Diane DeWitt and Sarah Schieck Boelke in pig barn holding piglet.

We wish for your response to the UMN Extension Swine Needs Assessment found at

The UMN Extension Swine Team invites you to participate in their Needs Assessment survey. The results will help the UMN Extension Swine Team better determine the educational needs of the pork industry in Minnesota. All MN pork producers (regardless of size or type of farm), owners, caretakers, contract growers and ag professionals are encouraged to participate. The survey is anonymous and can be quickly and easily completed online. Following the survey, participants have the option to participate in a drawing for swine-related prizes as a reward for completing the Needs Assessment. Participants will also have the opportunity to sign up to receive the UMN Extension Swine e-newsletter.

The UMN Extension Swine Needs Assessment can be found at

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