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Personalized early warning system

A team at the University of Minnesota is requesting your help in designing a new privately managed, early warning disease surveillance tool for swine producers. The concept is currently being tested in the early detection of African Swine Fever in regions where outbreaks are ongoing and uses information already being collected on the farm. In order to implement the tool here, we need to know the kind of information (not the data itself) that is being collected on Minnesota farms and the IT platforms being used to analyze it. We hope you or one of your farm managers might be willing to share that information with us by completing this short questionnaire. It should only take about 15 minutes, and the information will remain confidential.

Click here to take the survey:

You have no responsibility to participate beyond taking this survey, but the team will eventually be looking for producers willing to calculate weekly surveillance scores on their sites and may offer suggestions for improved monitoring indices. Please consider participating. Early detection of ASF at the farm level is critical for the continued profitability of the U.S. swine industry.

Thank you for your assistance.

Rachel Schambow, DVM

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