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Windbreaks and good neighborship: Odor control resources for pig farmers

The University of Minnesota Extension will host a free workshop focused on windbreaks for swine farmers in south central Minnesota. Other livestock producers are welcome to attend. 

A windbreak that wraps around barn is a tried-and-true method for odor control. However, striking the right balance between function, productivity, and neighbor relations can be a delicate one. How can pig farmers plant a windbreak that will maximize its potential? 

Join us on July 27, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at the Mapleton Community Center (304 2nd Ave NE, Mapleton, MN 56065) for “Windbreaks and Good Neighborship: Odor Control Resources for Pig Farmers”. 

Topics will include tree selection, windbreak design (one vs. multiple rows), pest management/troubleshooting, and tips for effective neighbor communication. 

The program is free, and lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is requested for accurate meal count. This can be done online at or by contacting Shane Bugeja at or 507-304-4143.

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