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Upcoming PQA Advisor training session

PQA+ Advisors are the folks who work directly with producers to educate them on the PQA+ program
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and will help producers obtain PQA+ certification and PQA+ site status at their respective production sites.

A PQA+ Advisor training is planned for NEW advisors or those that let their PQA+ Advisor status lapse for:
  • Monday, November 21: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., via Zoom.
This PQA+ Advisor training session is for NEW advisors or those PQA+ Advisors that let their status lapse and are unable to renew online. Individuals wishing to attend the training session must meet the qualifications to become a certified PQA+ Advisor. Qualifications include:
  1. Be a veterinarian, Extension specialist, or ag educator (for the purposes of PQA Plus, the definition of an ag educator is a person who spends full time in adult education or at least 50% time in production training)
  2. Have a D.V.M. or B.S. in Animal Science (or equivalent)
  3. Have two years of recent documentable swine production experience
Certification is free to attend. Individuals must pre-register by November 14 by contacting Diane Dewitte by email ( or phone (507-384-1745) to get the Zoom link. NEW Advisors will need to submit an application to Diane too showing they meet the required Certified PQA+ Advisor.

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