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Biosecurity and rules & regulations of exhibiting livestock in Minnesota

Youth in show arena showing a pig.

It is fair season in Minnesota, which means exhibitors and pigs are traveling to various county fairs across the state, jackpot shows and to the Minnesota State Fair. Also with the pork industry focused on keeping African Swine Fever (ASF) from entering the U.S., it is a good time to remind exhibitors about the importance of biosecurity as well as zoonotic diseases.

The Pork Checkoff has several show pig resources.

For a previous MN State Fair, Diane DeWitte and Sarah Schieck Boelke, both UMN swine Extension educators wrote fact sheets focusing on biosecurity in regards to ASF and PRRS. These fact sheets are still relevant.

Do you know the livestock exhibiting rules and regulations for Minnesota? If not, brush up before you load up for the show. Having your animals prepared to exhibit will make your check-in process at the show go smoothly. Read MN Board of Animal Health’s Livestock Exhibition Handbook for all the rule and regulations you need to know.

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