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Recently published

Congratulations to the following swine faculty and educators from the swine Extension team who have had their work published recently.

Balestreri, C., Schroeder, D. C., Sampedro, F., Marques, G., Palowski, A., Urriola, P. E., van de Ligt, J. L. G., Yancy, H. F., & Shurson, G. C. (2024). Unexpected thermal stability of two enveloped megaviruses, Emiliania huxleyi virus and African swine fever virus, as measured by viability PCR. Virology Journal, 21(1), Article Number 1. Doi: 10.1186/s12985-023-02272-z.

Lee, E., Shurson, G., Oh, S. H., & Jang, J. C. (2024). The Management of Food Waste Recycling for a Sustainable Future: A Case Study on South Korea. Sustainability, 16(2) Article Number 854. Doi: 10.3390/su16020854.

Sun, X., Dou, Z. X., Shurson, G. C., & Hu, B. (2024). Bioprocessing to upcycle agro-industrial and food wastes into high-nutritional value animal feed for sustainable food and agriculture systems. Resources Conservation and Recycling, 201, Article Number 107325. Doi: 10.1016/j.resconrec.2023.107325.

Trudeau, M. P., Mosher, W., Tran, H., de Rodas, B., Karnezos, T. P., Urriola, P. E., Gomez, A., Saqui-Salces, M., Chen, C., Shurson, G. C. (2024). Growth Performance, Metabolomics, and Microbiome Responses of Weaned Pigs Fed Diets Containing Growth-Promoting Antibiotics and Various Feed Additives. Animals, 14(1), Article Number 60, doi: 10.3390/ani14010060.

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